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The Community College Al-Kharj of the oldest colleges of the University of Prince Sattam  Bin Abdulaziz, this year completed its tenth year, was established by a decision of the Council of Ministers No. 73 03.05.1422 E began working with the beginning of the second semester of 1423 and includes the college, Computer Department, and the Department of Business Administration, Department of English, and was at its inception affiliated with the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and Council of Ministers Decree annexed to King Saud University on 05/07/1429 AH, and when to announce the establishment University Kharj included colleges of this province to the University New Kharj University, which later became the University of Salman bin Abdul Aziz. And aspiring community college at the University of Salman bin Abdul Aziz to be a center of excellence and leadership in the rehabilitation of high quality efficiencies commensurate with the needs of the labor market through: A - rehabilitation of human cadres in a short period of time are eligible for community service. B - securing jobs for qualified graduates in the disciplines available through partnership programs with various community organizations. C - support the university's capacity to absorb more students accepting in rehabilitation programs. D - give another opportunity for students who could not enroll in the university colleges in the undergraduate to join Community College and through a bridging program can attend the university faculties again.

Al-kharj Community college Dean Deputy
Dr Saed Bin nazzal alanzi

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