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To Allah all adulation be, and to Prophet Muhammad, final prophet and seal of prophets all peace and blessings be:

The importance of community colleges in KSA stems from their philosophy of serving their local communities; this end they achieve via a miscellany of comprehensive and diversified programmes in specialised areas – programmes that are geared towards fulfilling the needs and requirements of professions that are of currency in the marketplace. That is why community colleges are considered to be a consequential source of educational and professional strength in the 21st century in our endeavour to confront the challenges of globalisation and to immerse ourselves in the modern world, amidst increasing economic competitiveness.

The Community College of al-Kharj, PSAU University, aspires to tap into ever higher levels of education for its students in both the boys’ and girls’ sections, and to deliver competitive educational and professional programmes, on par with international standards as well as the requirements of the local marketplace. In so doing, we are availing ourselves of all the support given us from the University administration, whether in the area of ultra-modern technology, computer-assisted education, or by having on board high-calibre faculty members with impeccable credentials in all specialisations that we have on offer.

As a result of this support and commitment, our College has, through its different departments, satiated the demands of the local marketplace, both public and private, as we have produced in a record short period of time graduates with powerful educational attainment and exceptional skills.

In keeping with the vision, mission and objectives of the College, which aim at inveterately boosting the learning and academic process in accordance with the finest international standards, the College is continually on the lookout to the changing demands of the marketplace, and whenever the need arises for new specialisations we do our best to open up new programmes that specifically target those new demands. This endeavour on our side comes in handy with the Saudi Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and thus we continue to seek further progress in the administrative services that we deliver.

Since serving the local community is the launching pad of our mission, we seek to translate this trend and this strategy into tangible programmes, initiatives and social partnerships that will help forge a formidable bond between the Community College and the local community that surrounds it.


Dr .Hamad Abdullah algomaizy

Dean of the Community College of al-Kharj

Associate Professor of curriculum design and methodology



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