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College programs:

The college offers seven rehabilitation programs and are classified in the Ministry of Civil Service through three divisions:

Department of computer science

And offers three programs:

A - networks and the Internet: out computers and operators assistants coach the sixth first-class rank.

B - Programming: Outputs programmer assistants ranked sixth first class.

C - Multimedia: in the process of classification.


Business Administration Department
provides three rehabilitation programs:


The rehabilitation programs are:

A - Accounting: out (collector of wills, sales officer, treasurer, officer exchange, the custody officer, the custody of the Operator, stocks, Storekeeper, supply inspector, the procurement officer, observer Catering, money counter, assistant auditor purchases, observer commercial, Starter in financial management, marketing assistant coach) came in fifth second degree.
B - editorial and secretarial (management office): Graduated secretary, administrative assistant came in fifth second degree.

C - Marketing: sales and perspired warden, assistant coach, assistant auditor purchases, revenue collector, the procurement officer, commercial observer, writer in the marketing department came in fifth second degree.


Department of English

Qualifying: Vijrj interpreter, secretary, administrative assistant came in fifth in the first place.

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