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Permanent Committees in the English Department as of the academic year 1439/1440



Name of Committee




·        raise awareness about the quality insurance

·        represent the department in all quality activities organized by the college or the university

·        supervise all quality works in the department


Human Resources

·        find the department needs for teaching staff members.

·        execute  personal interviews and job examinations

·        apply specific criteria on  the CVs and choose the fittest for the department  


Academic Programmes

·        propose new strategies to develop the current programs

·          suggest new programs in accordance with the needs of the  local community

·        revise  and follow up all the course reports and the course specifications



·        prepare the final exams timetables and the invigilation timetables.

·        execute all the  necessary  arrangements before, during and after the final exams to guarantee successful implementation of the final exams

·        supervise the process of marks entry in the university electronic gate.  



·        Prepare the study timetable of the department

·        Prepare the instructors' timetables

·        prepare the final exams timetables and the invigilation timetables.


Training and Community Service

·        make some arrangements with training bodies ( the private and   public sectors)

·        follow up all the students during their training courses

·        organize all the training courses and workshops offered by the department


Academic Counselling

·        prepare the college and department orientation

·        supervise students registration processes and provide academic guidance

·        help students tackle their academic, cultural and psychological problems


TA and Scholarship Supervision

·        provide teaching assistants  with help regarding all the academic needs

·        help teaching assistants prepare all the necessary documents for their scholarships

·        keep in touch with teaching assistants during their scholarship period and provide them with academic advice



·        develop and update a database including information about all the graduates of  the department

·        keep in touch with all the graduates and follow up their employment issues

·        prepare statistics about the numbers of graduates and the rates of employment in the private and public sectors


Culture and Media

·        prepare and revise all the department guides in Arabic and English

·        follow up all the department announcement on the announcement boards


Assessment and Evaluation

·        review and approve processes for assessing student learning

·        measure student learning outcomes and identify areas for improvement


Educational Distinction

·        prepare monthly / quarterly report on any outstanding academic achievements in the Department by faculty or students

·        ensure the availability of the physical facilities and / or the necessary funding for any distinguished educational activities in the Department


Extracurricular Activities

·        prepare and execute all the extracurricular activities of the department

·        supervise all the activities of the English Club

·        contact the concerned bodies  to arrange visits and activities outside the campus


Course Equivalency

·        Perform the course equivalency process for students transferring from other educational institutions to the English Department



·        Prepare the department webpage on the university website

·        Update the Department’s website regularly


Lab and Classroom Management

·        Regularly inspect the labs for any errors / problems

·        Liaise with Department in order to fix any problems (physical facilities, technological aberrances) in the labs and the classrooms