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English language programme



The English Department, established in 1423 (2002), is a part of AlKharj Community College along with the departments of Computer Science and Business Administration. Bearing in mind the overall objectives of Alkharj Community College and being committed thereto, the English Department has mapped out for itself a number of academic objectives that meet the needs of the students. The Department offers an Associate Diploma in English language. Besides, it provides language skill courses and other courses in business English and technical English to support the other two departments in the college and help their students successfully cope with their fields.

At the outset, a placement test is held to all the students who want to join the Department. Those who get a score of 80% and more can directly study at the first level. But those who get less than 80% should be enrolled in an intensive English program for one semester. They study the four major language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writ­ing. The intensive course aims to improve students' ability in these skills and prepare them to join the English Department.

Upon successful completion, the students join the actual academic English program. Over the course of two years, they are exposed to skill courses and linguistic courses. In addition to the advanced courses that they study in language skills, they study courses in linguistics, literature and translation. In more specific terms, prospective students are required to (a) take basic courses to fulfil college and university requirements, and (b) take courses assigned by the Department of English. The total number of credit hours in all of the foregoing categories is 78.



To be a leading department which offers distinguished academic programs that will be of great benefit to the local community.



To contribute to providing the labour market with qualified graduates in English and serve the Kingdom to disseminate its lofty mission through offering distinguished educational programs.



1- serving the Saudi community through providing the labour market with qualified

graduates in different positions.

2- developing students' creative thinking skills.

3- providing graduates with the opportunity to pursue their study inside the kingdom and


4- preparing graduates to effectively interact with the surrounding environment which

requires some communication with non-Arabic speakers.

5- graduating theoretically and practically qualified citizens who can smoothly join the

labour market.



  1. Quality and Distinction
  2. Leadership and Team Work
  3. Academic Freedom
  4. Fairness and Equity
  5. Transparency and Accountability
  6. Continuous Learning
  7. Creativity