Last Updated: 28 May 2020
Fundamentals of Computer Networks

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Course No. & Code: 
COMP 1103
Course Type: 

 Course Description


Course Code and Number. 1103Comp


 Course Title: Fundamentals of Computer Networks


Number of Units: 2 (1 , 1)


Level: Level 1


Pre-requisite: NO

Course Objective:

Providingthe students with the concepts and essential technologies of computer networks.

Course Contents:

  • General overview: Networks applications, Network classifications and topologies, Network layers, Channel performance measures, transmission media, Communication Network Protocols and architecture.
  • Data link layer: framing, error detection and correction, CSMA/CD, LAN IEEE standards.
  • Network layer: IP service model, IP Addressing, subnetting, Host configuration DHCP.
  • Transport layer: UDP protocol, TCP protocol, TCP reliable transfer and sliding window, TCP flow and congestion control.
  • Application layer: DNS protocol, NAT protocol, HTTP protocol, persistent and non-persistent HTTP connection.


Text Book and References:


  1. J. Kurose and A. Ross, Pearson, Computer Networking - A Top-down Approach, Addison 

Wesley, 2013, Sixth Edition.

  1. A. Tanenbaum and D. Wetherall, Computer Networks, Prentice Hall, 2011, Fifth Edition.