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Business Administration Department was established in 1423 H along with (KCC). It is one of the central  departments due to the number of students and majors, and the diversity of programmes offered. It also contains distinguished faculty members who try  to implement the university, the college and the department’s strategic and operational aims.
The department’s programmes and plans are always subjected to continuous development in order keep abreast with the scientific developments on the one hand and to provide students with the necessary and appropriate knowledge and skills required in the labor market on the other.
Vision :
Business Administration Department aims to be a center of distinction, excellence, and community partnership in all fields of business administration at the local community of Alkharj.

Mission :
Business Administration Department aims at preparing highly competitive and qualified graduates within a short period of time in the fields of accounting, marketing and secretarial and office management to work in both public and private sectors. This is best accomplished through providing graduates with education, which meet the international standards of quality, through an academic environment based on distinctive human resources, effective community partnership and supportive administrative system.
Objectives :
1 – to graduate highly qualified students in administrative fields
2 – to concentrate on the diversity of learning resources and develop information technology to be utilized in education, teaching and scientific research
3 – to develop the educational courses  and  programmes to meet the needs of the labor market
4 – to build relations between the department and the local community through local corporations, institutions and industrial sectors
5 – to develop an appropriate academic environment which encourages innovation and excellence
6 – to enhance guidance plans to raise academic awareness and to follow up students' academic levels
Values :
1 – Quality and Excellence
2 – Leadership & Team work
3 – Academic freedom
4 – Justice & Integrity
5 – Transparency & accountability
6 – Continuous Learning
7 – Creativity

Academic Degree:
Business Administration Department offers students the opportunity to have the Associate Degree certificate in the following majors: accounting, marketing and Secretarial and Office Management.

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