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Department of Business Administration

Business Administration Department was established in 1423H along with Alkharj Community College. It is considered as one of the central departments of the college due to the diversity of programs it includes, as well as to the number of students and majors. It also contains highly qualified faculty members who try to implement the university, the college and the department strategic goals.
The department’s programs and plans are always subjected to continuous development in order to keep abreast with academic and scientific development on the one hand and to provide students with necessary and appropriate knowledge and skills required in the labor market on the other hand.

To be a center of distinction, excellence and community partnership in all fields of business administration with great benefits to the local community.

Business Administration Department aims at preparing highly competitive and qualified graduates in the fields of accounting, marketing and secretary and office management in order to succeed in both public and private sectors. This is best accomplished through providing students with education that meets international standards of quality within an academic environment based on distinctive human resources, effective community partnership and supportive administrative system.

Strategic Goals:
• To graduate highly qualified students in administrative fields, specifically accounting, marketing and secretary and office management.
• To concentrate on the diversity of learning resources and develop information technology utilized in education, teaching and scientific research.
• To develop academic courses and programs that fulfill the needs of labor market.
• To build up solid and dynamic relations with the local community represented by both public and private corporations, institutions and industries.
• To develop an appropriate academic environment which encourages innovation and excellence.
• To enhance guidance plans in order to raise academic awareness.
• To create a knowledge-based organizational culture that enables creativity and responsibility.

The department programs:

• The department offers an associate degree in three different fields which are accounting, secretary and office management and marketing. Over the course of five academic semesters, students are exposed to theoretical and practical skills in order to enhance their competencies in accounting, marketing, strategic management, secretary and office management, human resource management and so on.
• All programs have the accreditation from Ministry of Civil Service and from COE. Graduates are classified under rank five-class two and have the opportunity to attain different jobs in various public and private firms.

Based on their major, associate degree (rank five-class two) holders can apply for the following positions:
• Accounting: Chief accountant – Commercial accountant – Customer relation assistant – Assistant accountant – Accounting manager – Budget manager – Treasury manager – Auditor…
• Secretary and office management: Secretary, Office manager, Office editor, Assistant manager, Project and/or office coordinator…
• Marketing: Sales Representative and Sales Supervisor , Trade marketing manager, marketing & sale executive & Marketing supervisor, Marketing assistant, Marketing operation specialist…

The Department includes the following committees:





- raise awareness about quality insurance.
- represent the department in all quality assurance activities organized by (KCC) or the university.
- revise all the department's work related to quality assurance.

Quality Assurance


 - provide the department with new faculty members.

- carry out personal interviews and review application forms.
- propose some criteria for selecting candidates.

Human Resources


 - propose and prepare new strategies to develop the current department programs.

- suggest new programs which meet with the needs of the local community.
- revise and follow up all the course reports and course specifications.

Academic programs


 - prepare for final exams' timetables.

- carry out all the necessary arrangements before, during and after the final exams to guarantee successful final exams.
- supervise and follow up the process of grading and marks entry in the university electronic.



 - prepare the study timetable of the department.

- prepare the instructor' timetables
- prepare final exams' and invigilaation timetables




 - carryout arrangements with training bodies in the private and public sectors

- follow up all the students during their training courses
- organize all the students during courses and workshops carried out by the department

Training and community Service


 - prepare students' orientation meetings in the college

- supervise students registration processes and provide them with academic guidance
- help students resolve their academic, cultural and psychological problems




 - provide TAs with help regarding all academic affairs

- help TAs prepare all the necessary documents for their scholarships
- keep in touch with TAs during their scholarship period and provide them with academic advice





Following up



 - develop and update a adtabase which includes information about all graduates of the department.

- keep in touch with all graduates and follow up their employment issues.
- prepare statistics about the numbers of graduates and the rates of employment in the private and public sectors



 - prepare the department's webpage on the university website.

- prepare and revise all the department,̦̦̦̦̦̦̦s guides in Arabic and English
- follow up all the department announcements the announcement boards

Culture and Media


 - prepare and carry out all extracurricular activities of the department

Students Activities










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