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The Computer Science Department is one of the academic departments in (KCC). It has existed since the emergence of the College in 1423/1424 H. The Department provides  its graduates with a diploma degree in two majors; the first one is programming and computer science, and the second one is networks and the Internet. Study is distributed across five semesters, during which the student will study a total of 26 courses – a total of 95 credit hours for the first programme, and 26 courses – a total of 94 credit hours for the second programme.
The instruction process will be both theoretical and experimental in order to provide the students with the required skills to deal with computer science and to be qualified for the labour market. Graduates will be able to design websites, design and manage database systems, execute network administration in addition to data entry and secretarial duties.
The department aims to extend its capacity in the future by adding new academic majors that are related to computer science and required by the labour market; the department also aims to improve by attracting qualified faculty members and to train the current faculty members.

3- Vision:
To reach the highest degree of professionalism and excellence in preparing distinguished graduates in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology in order to serve the local community
4- Mission:
Offering distinguished programmes and high-quality education, via an academic environment that utilizes the most up-to-date technology and is propitious for creativity, in order to prepare theoretically and practically skilled graduates in the fields of computer science and IT, for the purpose of meeting the demands of the labour market
5- Objectives:
- providing students with basic computer skills and various computer applications,
- providing the student with the skills needed to manage database systems,
- providing the student with the skills needed to design different applications,
- providing the student with the skills needed to design and develop web pages and to monitor them,
- providing the student with the principles and basics of computer network management.

6- Values:
1 - Quality and distinction
2 - Leadership and teamwork
3 - Academic Freedom
4 - Justice and Integrity
5 - Transparency and accountability
6 - Continuous learning
7 – Creativity

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