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Permanent Committees

in Business Administration Department





  • Raise awareness about quality insurance.
  • Represent the department in all quality assurance activities organized by KCC or the university.
  • Revise all the department's work related to quality assurance.

Quality Assurance



  • Provide the department with new faculty members.
  • Carry out personal interviews and review application forms.
  • Propose some criteria criteria for selecting candidates.

Human Resources


  • Propose and prepare new strategies to develop the current department programs.
  • Suggest new programs which meet with the needs of the local community.
  • Revise and follow up all the course reports and course specifications.

Academic programs


  • Prepare for final exams' timetables.
  • Carry out all the necessary arrangements before, during and after the final exams to guarantee successful final exams.
  • Supervise and follow up the process of grading and marks entry in the university electronic.



  • Prepare the study timetable of the department.
  • Prepare the instructor' timetables.
  • Prepare final exams' and invigilaation timetables.





  • Carryout arrangements with training bodies in the private and public sectors.
  • Follow up all the students during their training courses.
  • Organize all the students during courses and workshops carried out by the department.

Training and community Service


  • Prepare students' orientation meetings in the college.
  • Supervise students registration processes and provide them with academic guidance.
  • Help students resolve their academic, cultural and psychological problems.




  • Provide TAs with help regarding all academic affairs.
  • Help TAs prepare all the necessary documents for their scholarships.
  • Keep in touch with TAs during their scholarship period and provide them with academic advice.

Scholars and Teachers Supervision


  • Develop and update a adtabase which includes information about all graduates of the department.
  • Keep in touch with all graduates and follow up their employment issues.
  • Prepare statistics about the numpers of graduates and the rates of employment in the private and public sectors.



  • Prepare the department"s webpage on the university website.
  • Prepare and revise all the department,̦̦̦̦̦̦̦s guides in Arabic and English.
  • Follow up all the department announcements the announcement boards.

Culture and Media


  • Prepare and carry out all extracurricular activities of the department.

Students Activities


  • Consolidation of Islamic values and behaviors and confrontation of all sorts of deviations.
  • Develop commitment to Islamic culture and to National values.
  • Consolidation of obedience to royal and national values.
  • Commitment to the kingdom in order to participate in its global growth.
  • Develop community partnership with local actors in order to prevent from intellectual deviation as well as to preserve the unity of the kingdom.
  • Build up a safety-based culture in order to ensure citizenship and commitment to hierarchy.


Intellectual Awareness



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