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In the name of God, the Merciful. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions and those who followed them with charity to the Day of Judgment:



Since the establishment of the College and the Department in 1423H, we have endeavored to meet the fluctuating requirements of the labor market and to provide the latest programs and distinguished quality of graduates who were capable of supporting the efforts of governmental and private institutions in excellence and leadership locally and regionally.

We are proud of a number to have professors who specialize in several areas of business management (Total Quality Management, System Management, Production Management, Marketing, Accounting, International Management, Banking Finance) and a selection of outstanding students and graduates in their academic performance and fulfill our goals and mission. Since our inception to the present day, a large number of male and female students have joined the Department. More than 700 students have graduated and joined the labor market over the past years, and this number has steadily increased, especially since the opening of the female’s section. In the future we are looking forwards to build modern programs that meet the aspirations of all segments of the local community.

And it is certainly our happiness and joy that the graduates of the department work in different fields and multiple destinations, in the public and private sectors such as telecommunications companies, banks, financial and legal consulting companies, airports, hospitals, university and others ...

The department offers four programs: accounting, marketing, office management, secretarial, and occupational safety and security. All these programs are approved by the university's plans committee for academic and academic affairs and by the Ministry of Civil Service,

The department also cooperates with the other two departments in the college through the teaching administrative. Some faculty members in the department provide great services to the vice-rectorate for development and quality and the vice-rectorate for graduate studies and scientific research.

The department includes a number of faculty members with professional and academic experience, not only on the teaching axis, but also on the core of scientific research and community service. Their research interests are in the fields of modern and contemporary topics such as: business strategies, the role of systems in the knowledge economy, Performance of Individuals and Systems, Financial Management, Banking Finance, Total Quality Management, Stimulus Policies and others ...

The Department hopes to continue to raise the level of academic education and its outputs to meet the requirements of the labor market and to contribute to realizing the vision of this beloved homeland under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman;to our esteemed university and our whole community in order to ensure a prosperous future full of prosperity and prosperity.

We are also pleased to respond to your queries through the means of communication provided in this website, and we always look forward to serve you as much as we can and what we can only do with God Almighty to entrust us.

Dr. Ghazi Younis bin Saad

Head of Business Administration Department at Al-Kharj Community College.

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