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Adequacy of facilities and equipment appropriate for research at Prince Sattam University


This survey was created by Dr. T. Sharadgah and R. Al-Sa'di for the purpose of completing Standard 10 (Research) of the SSR in the English Department at the Community College of Kharj. We aim to zero in on the status quo of research in our Department and at our University at large. Kindly open the link below and rate each of the ten items below on a scale from one star to five stars.



Barriers to Using the Blackboard System in Teaching and Learning: Faculty Perceptions

This questionnaire investigates the perceptions of faculty on barriers to using the Blackboard system. The researchers will be very glad to get your opinions on the subject in order to determine the barriers that challenge faculty members to using the Blackboard system. This questionnaire will only take about five minutes to complete. Be sure that all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality. All responses will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.



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