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The Responsibilities of the Students' Activities Unit:
Students' activities unit is concerned with various activities, as it is responsible for preparing the students educationally, socially, culturally and physically in a relaxing environment that provides them with comfort, and psychological stability and adapt them to the university education, all of which can be positively   reflected in   their academic excellence.  In addition, it draws the attention of the students toward the significance of the adherence to the Islamic values and principles, and the Saudi inherited traditions through presenting a variety of lectures and seminars addressing these issues.
Students' activities is a  variety of cultural, social and artistic programs which are practiced  by the students during their free time away from their regular classrooms.  These programs aim to furnish  the students with a positive awareness  of the importance of  achieving their goals and dreams.  
Promoting college's prestige through its excellence at different students' activities unit to achieve a distinctive pioneering position among other colleges of the university.  
Developing the students' skills through practicing different students' activities and cultivate into their minds ethical values and concepts that assist them to apply their knowledge to their real-life practices. 
The Goals of the Students' Activities Programs: 
These programs contribute to preparing  students culturally, socially and academically and deepening his social values through: 
1-Famalrizing the student with the characteristics of  the Muslim Community and supporting the role of the university students in achieving the higher examples for his community and his nation as wellز
2-Prepareing the university students to be intellectually, physically and socially fit through practicing activities at  different fields. 
3- Improving students' reading and comprehension skills  and opening new horizons of knowledge for him where his knowledge should not be limited to his scholastic books but include seminars, lectures, ressarch, competition, plastic arts and  university theatre, which have to be consistent with the values and  the Islamic teachings. 
4- Helping university students to accommodate themselves  to their  social groups that  enable  them to  socialize properly with  their  peers,  and improve  the human social behaviour which contribute to elevating the human relationships through cooperation in their university life. 
5- Responding positively to    the international  cultural changes and domains of human knowledge and makes the best use of their resources in terms of the Islamic teachings and values.   
6- Satisfying the needs and the inclinations of the university students through the educationally and pedagogically oriented practices and making use of the university  sporting facilities  .
7-Spreading the sport awareness and sport culture and health awareness among university students. 
8-Contrbuting to building the integrated personality of  the university students and preparing him to be able to endure the responsibility, and take the initiative, and  leadership, and    become self-confident, participate in volunteer works and enhance his sense of belonging to his country and his nations.
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