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A regular student at a university may not apply on the portal unless he is withdrawn from his university.

 If you are not accepted in the medical track you can apply to other colleges and you have the opportunity to list your interests in the rest of the colleges until the closing of edugate .

You can access the Specialties link on the Unified Admission Portal for students to learn about the specialisations available for the academic year through the following link

You must enter (15) interests listed by the student.

The student must enter his account on the dates stated in the allotted time. This is supported by the sending of text messages and e-mails, and a text message is sent to the student's mobile phone when entering the national number.

Password can be modified through the link at the login page of your unified admission portal.

The score can be obtained through the website of the National Centre for Measurement and Evaluation in Higher Education (http://www.qiyas.org) and uses the highest score obtained by the student in the general capacity test.

There is no priority in admissions based on the submission date.

It means admission is only at the beginning of the academic year.

The photocopy of the secondary certificate is not required to be endorsed.


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