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العام الدراسي: 1438-1439هـ
Title Project prief Participant Students Supervisor
Database for warehouse management

A database is a set of logical data items that are linked to each other in a mathematical relationship. The database consists of one or more tables, such as an employee's record that consists of several fields, such as employee number, machine name, employee grade, date of recruitment, salary. The employee data that are stored in the computer is now organized, and the computer facilitates the use of the data and searching within these data, and enables the addition and modification of data.

Mshary Ali Hamad Mufrah, Yahya Badry Otaibi, Khalid bin Shabbab Ghazzay, Abdul Azeez Hasan Shabbab Dr Ashraf Abu Zaid
العام الدراسي: 1435-1436
Title Project prief Participant Students Supervisor
network VPN client to network

What is VPN? What are its features? How does it work? VPN is a fake network created by a user who wants to send and receive data between his device and the internet or another device in a way that ensures the passage of secure and encrypted correspondence. 

Anan Hamad Arjani, Farraj Ebrahim Omar, Khalid Saad Alyani Dr. Dheeb Abu Salem
Encryption and Security in Computer Networks


Mohd Hmood Otaibi, Dakheel Saad Alyani, Ali Yahya Amry Dr Dheeb Abu Salem
creating an FTP site

Publish and lease an FTP site using the IIS Internet Information Service
FTP is a standard protocol for copying files from one computer to another over the Internet. For example, many host Web sites allow users to copy files to the server by using FTP

Abdullah Khalaf al-Khalaf, Abdullah Fahd Dbeis, Talal Yahya Assmary, S’ood Abdullah Baqmy, Ebrahim Abdul Azeez Saeedy Dr. Yosef Hindawi
Creating a VPN network using a proxy server

Create a network and connect it to a proxy server (forefront) and control the network through the VPN network

Shabeeb Rasad Dossary, Abdullah Many Shakrah, Saad Saleh Ghamdy Dr Dheeb Abu Salem
Creating a LAN and connecting it to a proxy

Creating a LAN for multiple users and connecting it with the internet through a proxy server


Mohd Harby Enezy, Mohd Moneer Sbee’y, Nawar Zamil Sbei’y Dr Dheeb Abu Salem
creating a Database for the Alumni

Creating an alumni database that makes it possible to retrieve info about former students, their grades, and the like for many terms to come, using one of the advanced programming languages

Abdul Azeez Jamal Shalawy, Abdul Mohsen Mteiry, Hasan Sharaheely, Yazeed Otaibi Dr Yosef Hindawi
Connecting VPN to 4G Networks

The spread of 4G networks made it important to employ them in computer networks. Since the connection of computers using VPN to take advantage of the security features it offers has became necessary nowadays, this project was conducted to take advantage of both themes for the formation of VPN networks using 4G technology

Mohd Ebrahim al-Zayd, Faisal Mteiry, Hamad Hasan, Abdul Rahman Beeshan Dr. Jehad Ahmad Ghanim
العام الدراسي: 1439-1438
Title Project prief Participant Students Supervisor
Computer Techniques in the Education of the Deaf

Aim of the project
To implement a methodology and an integrated program to enable deaf people to integrate into society by introducing them to the world of IT in order to achieve a social and economic transformation of their lives and the nature of their work
Project Problem
• The inability to find curricula dealing with deaf people through their language (sign language) in general, and in particular in the field of computer and information technology, which caused educational institutions to treat the deaf as a marginalized group

Fahad Oudeh Enezi, Abdul Rahman Matar Breika, S’ood Hazani, Khalid Shahrani, Mansoor Abdoh Haqawy Dr Dheeb Abu Salem
العام الدراسي: 1438-1439
Title Project prief Participant Students Supervisor
Address Translation Mechanism in WAN Technologies

There are many devices used to connect to WANs, such as the router used in T1-based WANs and frame relay. The router is also used to connect LANs to WANs. Many of these routers also serve as a firewall. This feature can be used to provide a high degree of security when connecting a WAN to the internet, and is also useful in monitoring aWAN security policy.

Abdullah Mitrik Dossary, Mohd Nasser Harbi, Turki Ali Salhi, Majid Zobaidi Ka’bi Dr Dheeb Abu Salem


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