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العام الدراسي: 1435-1436
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Solutions to Some Weaknesses in Wireless Networks

Reduction of attacks on networks that lead to Denial of Service, which causes members of the wireless network to be unable to exchange information. This type of Cyber-attack is considered one of the most dangerous problems facing wireless networks

Khalid Mawazin, Mohd Mweiny, Mohd Asmary Dr Yosef Hindawi
Router Programming


Dhafer Shehry, Ebrahim Ayeenaa, S’ood Baqamy Dr Dheeb Abu Salem
Phone Directory

The phone book program allows the user to add phone numbers, e-mail addresses and physical addresses of people, and it also allows the user to easily search through these names and addresses and modify the data and delete them when needed. The program will be built using .NET language as well as building a database on Access or SQL server

Yazeed Awad Otaibi, Abdul Mohsen Barki Mteiry Dr Radi Khateeb


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