Last Updated: 20 May 2018
Al-Kharj Community College celebrates obtaining international accreditation from COE

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Al-Kharj Community College (KCC) held a special celebration on Saturday 10/6/1434H to celebrate the occasion of obtaining the international accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The celebration was attended by Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Asimi Rector of Salman Bin Abdul Aziz University, Dr. Saleh Bin Ali Al Qahtani, Vice Rector of Academic and Educational Affairs and Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Hammed, Vice Rector of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research in the College headquarters at Al Kharj. The celebration commenced with a recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran. Next, Dr. Ali bin Mohammed Hawsawi, Dean of KCC, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the rector and vice rectors. He stressed the importance of obtaining the national accreditation as a substantial requirement for the academic institutions. He added that KCC had realized the importance of this step a long time ago, and thereby started seeking international accreditation in order to improve the quality of education and to produce graduates capable of competing in the labor market. Then, Dr. Mansour Al Shahri, Dean of Development and Quality Assurance, expressed his enormous pleasure at this achievement. He added that although it is difficult to attain distinction, it is all the more difficult to maintain constant distinction. After that, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Asimi, Rector of the University, started his speech with congratulating the University in general and the KCC in particular on this great achievement. He added "I feel extremely proud of this success because the College has realized a qualitative achievement after the collective efforts of the Vice Presidency of Academic and Educational Affairs as well as the Deanship of Development and Quality Assurance". He added that KCC had been a showcase of relentless determination and sincere responsibility. Finally, the Rector bestowed rewards on a number of guests for their contributions to this achievement.

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