Electronic Questionnaire

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Electronic Questionnaire
Under the auspice of Dr. Amina Almeshehn, the vice dean of ACC, quality assurance unit in the college organized a workshop entitled-Electronic Questionnaire – which was run by Ms. Azza Al-neel Othman,the assistance of deputy dean for quality assurance. She tackled a number of important issues like: 
The concept of E- questionnaire. 
The advantages of E-questionnaire. 
Types of questions used in questionnaire. 
Design and analysis of questionnaire. 
The students have applied their theoretical knowledge to a practical questionnaire. 
At the end of the lecture, the vice dean has expressed her gratitude to Ms. Azza Alneal for her contribution in  the workshop and to the quality assurance unit in the college as well.
Electronic QuestionnaireElectronic QuestionnaireElectronic Questionnaire
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