Foreign Trade Workshop at ACC (women section)

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Foreign Trade Workshop at ACC (women section)
Business Administration Department at ACC (women section) run workshop entitled –Foreign  Trade - on Tuesday, 7/3/1441 in the student activities room. The workshop was run Dr. Shiraz Mohammed Othman, the assistant of business administration department. The workshop has tackled number of important issues like:
The importance of Foreign Business. 
How   can a country be specialized in producing certain commodity? 
The reasons of trade exchange. 
The impediments of foreign business.  
Dr. Shiraz also addresses the definition of foreign trade and its importance and the most influential countries in foreign trade. She also addresses the issue of trade exchange and its importance in developing nations. Furthermore, she discussed the most important consumer commodities and they can be rationalized. She also tackles a number of important issues relating to the core issues of the workshop which are raised by the students during the lecture time.


Foreign Trade Workshop at ACC (women section)Foreign Trade Workshop at ACC (women section)
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