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Foreword from the Director of the Administration Department
It is our pleasure and pride to work with the staff of Al-kharj Community College in order to enable the college to meet the academic and administrative aspirations that keep pace with the ambitions of the officials and accommodate the recent changes in the University in terms of its plans and system. In my viewpoint, one of the salient tasks of the director of the Administration Department in the College is to do his best to serve the needs and facilitate the issues of the students, faculty members, and administrative staff within his power and liabilities in order to be an effective administrative member who positively contributes to achieving his national duties pertinent to his job description. 
I hope   the administrative mechanism in the College will continue to be highly ambitious and based on developed methods that serve and integrate with the academic process. 
Director of the Administration Dept at Al-kharj Community College
Fayez bin Saeed al-Shehry
Extension: 7321
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