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 Foreword from the Community College Vice-Dean / Female Section

Praise be unto Allah, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be unto our prophet Muhammad, the most hallowed of all messengers.
In unison with the mission of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University that aims to inveterately enhance education and social partnership in accordance with the best educational practices, the Community College / female section was inaugurated so that it would act as part and parcel of the many new tributaries in the Kingdom.
The Community College now has its doors wide open for prospective female students, and we welcome them with all affection and optimism. The College makes available to its students the most up-to-date amenities of modern education, and it runs state-of-the-art academic programmes that aim at producing highly qualified graduates (both knowledge-wise and in the areas of useful technical aptitudes). These graduates will be capable of meeting the inexorable demands of the local market and the changing face of local development plans as well as international expectations from graduates – a move that is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
Accordingly, the Community College / female section will, God willing, set a precedent for a new trend in education that caters for the female population of the nation so as to meet the changing needs of our society.
Inasmuch as our College is committed to achieving the highest possible standards in quality education, we have consecrated all means available to us that can help our students acquire knowledge and burnish their skills. We will indefatigably provide our female students with all the educational and technical know-how that they need for them to become better participants in the Kingdom’s development.
We therefore beseech Allah Almighty to guide us and to support us and to accept our work as an unblemished act of worship.

College Vice-Dean / Female Section
Dr Ameena Abdul Rahman al-Mashhan

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