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In the Name of Allah the Merciful


The mission of our College and its responsibility stem first and foremost from its name: a college for the community. The local community forms the basis of the College objectives and its future visions in a plethora of areas. In this regard, the Community College endeavours to form a subliminal educational environment that has an impact on the surrounding environment through:

1- Content (the academic departments: English, Computer Science and Business Administration) based on the most pressing needs of the local market, occupational needs, societal partnership and scientific contemporaneity,

2- Faculty members (equipped with impeccable credentials both academically and technically) who aim to deliver their courses in an interactive, research-inciting manner that combines teaching and learning, discussion and dialogue, conjecture and conclusion, training and application,

3- Students: the College aspires to produce the best graduates, and to this end we take great care of the student’s academic career, his educational attainment, his knowledge of his specialization, his readiness for the job market, and we help him stride steadily forward towards his future through forging effective partnerships with the local establishments and companies that he is interested in,

4- Future plans that aim to celebrate and retain the status of the College and its academic accreditation (COE), and suggesting new programmes that are in line with scientific advances and the current needs.

The College has also implemented the Diploma of Office Applications for Deaf and Non-oral students. The College is currently implementing the Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, which is a unique programme that addresses the current needs of the labour market. The College also seeks to open other diplomas in line with the job market, the University mission and Vision 2030 that aims at nationalisation and development.


Dr Nasser bin Rashed al-Sheehan



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