Vision, Mission

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To prepare the students of the Community College for the labour market through high-quality programmes delivered by faculty members with great calibre.




Providing a distinguished learning environment that aspires to qualify students for the labour market while keeping abreast with the rapid developments in technology, in accordance with the Mission of the College and the University.



  1. a. Preparing the student academically in the available academic majors offered by the college.
  2. b.  Supporting  the students' activities  that contribute  to motivating    developing  them.
  3. c. Qualifying the students to meet the needs of the labor market.
  4. d. Training the students academically as well as professionally in order to acquire the necessary experience.
  5. e. Developing students'  renewed knowledge .
  6. f. Recruiting  the distinguished academic staff.
  7. g. Enhancing faculty academically as well as professionally through providing them with necessary training courses and workshops.
  8. h. Seeking to apply the criteria  of quality assurance and academic accreditation.
  9. i. Furnishing the modern teaching methods to be consistent with the technological advances.
  10. j. Focusing on the community partnership through engulfing the gap between the students and  community. 
  11. k. Reviewing, updating and developing study plans to be commensurate with the changes expected to happen.
  12. l. Stimulating an  environment  that encourages the scientific research excellence among faculty members.


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