Computer Techniques in the Education of the Deaf

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Aim of the project
To implement a methodology and an integrated program to enable deaf people to integrate into society by introducing them to the world of IT in order to achieve a social and economic transformation of their lives and the nature of their work
Project Problem
• The inability to find curricula dealing with deaf people through their language (sign language) in general, and in particular in the field of computer and information technology, which caused educational institutions to treat the deaf as a marginalized group
• Lack of training programs to achieve the optimal qualification of the cadres working in this field
This has resulted in a decline in the educational and moral level of the Deaf and the high rate of unemployment within this category of people and thus the difficulty they face of enjoying a decent standard of living
The importance of the project
The extent of the need of the natural society for the computer has become well established today. For deaf people, it is necessary to teach this category computer technologies to help them to integrate into society and to help this group to integrate into society and achieve their desires in education and self-development. Our work has achieved a number of important objectives for teaching computer technologies to people with special needs, which we summarize as follows
- Social communication of deaf people via the computer
- The vast amount of information provided to deaf people
- A computer that is equipped with an attractive, fast and mobile design capable of attracting the attention of people with special needs
The computer is an upscale profession suitable for people with special needs
- The computer ensures that people with special needs continue lifelong learning

Participant Students: 
Fahad Oudeh Enezi
Abdul Rahman Matar Breika
S’ood Hazani
Khalid Shahrani
Mansoor Abdoh Haqawy
Dr Dheeb Abu Salem
Academic Year: