Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit

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Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit

An Overview:

The centers (units) of quality in the institutions of higher education are considered to be a vital element in most countries where the   Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance organizations have been established. Quality assurance is a process which cannot be completed without the involvement of the educational institutions.  This process requires great effort and a distinguished leadership and adequate support from those who are responsible for the educational process and for the implementation of the affairs of these centers.  As such, the process of establishing quality units affiliated with the education institution has become a necessary requirement for the institutions of higher education seeking to be granted academic accreditation from  the commission for academic accreditation.

General Objective:

The Units of Quality Assurance are established in post-high school academic institutions for leading, supporting and organizing the processes of Assurance Quality processes in all the units of the education institution. 





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