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Students’ Activities Unit

The Students’ Activities Unit is a stimulating environment in which students can practise their hobbies.  The students activities unit is made up of a set of positive programs which aim to achieve a definite goal to develop the personality of the student and improve his potential and exploit their free time, as the student is the focal point and goal of these activities. Providing students with positive attitudes is an important and intended goal in line with the academic study.

The Students Activities Unit through its various branches across the University aims to:

  • Equip students with knowledge, faith and awareness.
  • Enhance student's  skills of reading and comprehension and opening new horizons of knowledge that not only focus  his cultural sources on  the academic courses   but also on  seminars, forums, research, contests, journeys, theatres and so on.

Cultural Activities:

The Cultural activities include public lectures, seminars, open meeting, student clubs, contests, university theatre, and cultural festivals.  

Social Activities:

The social activities include public services programs, journeys, contests, social welfare, field and social research and studies.

Artistic Activities:

The Artistic activities include the organization and the implementation of the following artistic activities:  Drawing Contest, Manual Craft contest,   Islamic calligraphy

Contest, Photography contest, University Theatre Contest, and tradition and craftsmanship shows.

Sports Activities:

The sport activities include the University league in  soccer, basketball, handball, Futsal, Tennis ball, table tennis, billiard, Swimming, and local and international contests.


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