Vision, Mission and Objectives

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Achieving excellence in education and community partnership.


To provide competitive educational programs that meet international standards,  job-requirements,  and serve the community.


1.      Create an appropriate and motivating learning environment for students.
2.      Develop and update study plans based on an international standards and benchmarks.
3.      Attract distinguished faculty members and enhance their skills.
4.      Support training development programs and quality systems.
5.      Develop an effective organizational structure for the College and identify its functions and units.
6.      Develop an effective and efficient community partnership.
7.      Prepare highly qualified graduates.

Our Core Values:
           1.    Quality and excellence.
           2.    Leadership and teamwork.
           3.    Academic Freedom.
           4.    Justice and fairness.
           5.    Transparency and accountability.
             6. Continuous learning.
            7. Creativity.

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