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  • Preliminary Registration for Summer Course
    Dear Students, Preliminary Registration for Summer Courses the departments of the college is available on the following links(Student has to register via edugate later on)The links are:  1- Department of computer science (male): Department of Computer science (female): Department of...
  • ACC Trains its students on Blackboard E-Tests
    In association with the deanship of information technology, ACC has organized a workshop entitled “Blackboard E-Tests” on Wednesday, 15/4/2020 at 7 p.m. The workshop was run by Dr. Huda Al-manea and Ms. Areej Al-amer through the virtual room specified in the announcement.  
  • Congratulation for Ramadan Month
    On the Occasion  of the Advent of Ramadan, I extend my congratulations to all members of Al-kharj Community College, beseeching Almighty God to Save us from  all kinds of pandemics and Calamities. Dr. Hamd bin Abdullah Al-Qumaizi   
  • Community College of AlKharj organizes a workshop on building course content on Blackboard
    Under the auspices of the College dean, Dr Hamad Gmeizy, the E-Learning Unit in the College has organized a workshop for faculty members entitled ‘Building Course Content’. The event took place on Tuesday 15/7/1441, and the lecture was conducted by Mr Dheeb Abu Salem from the Computer Dept.
  • Preparing Financial lists
    Under the Auspice of Dr. Aminah Al-meshehn, the vice dean of  Al-kharj Community College, Women Section , the unit of alumni  organized a workshop entitled, " Preparing Financial lists ". It was presented by Hend Shaikh Sayed on Thursday, 10/7/1441 AH. The workshop has discussed a number of issues like the definition of the general and private financial lists, its importance and the income list,...
  • ACC Students show creativity in the Students’ Scientific Forum
    Under the Auspice of Dr. Hamad Al-Qumaizi, Al-kharj Community College, the unit of students activities has organized a preparatory forum for presenting the contributions of the students in the upcoming student scientific forum and it was attended by the vices-dean of the college and chairpersons of the departments and the faculty members. The meeting was initiated by a speech delivered by the...
  • How to build up an innovative mentality
    Under the auspice of Dr. Aminah Al-mishehan, the vice dean of ACC female section, the training unit affiliated with the department of business administration has run a workshop entitled, “ Innovative Mentality”, which was presented by Dr. Khadra Hassan Ali Sedeak. She has tackled a number of issues like, the concept of innovation, the advantages of innovation, the differences between innovators...
  • Students of Al-Kharj Community College on a visit to the Third Saudi International Exhibition and Conference on the Internet of Things
    Under the Auspice of Dr. Aminah Al-meshehn, the vice dean  Al-kharj Community College, Women Section , the students of computer science department attended the Third Saudi IoT Conference and Exhibition at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. They attended workshops and seminars about cutting edge technologies of IoT and how they can implemented in life. Such events are ment to...
  • "Blackboard in E-learning" Workshops Held for Faculty Members at Al-Kharj Community College
    Nora Duhaim Al-DossaryThe E-learning Unit at Al-Kharj Community College has held three consecutive workshops, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 14-15-16 / 7/1441 AH, presented by Professor Azza Al-Neel and Professor Nahed Abu Zaid, entitled "Blackboard in E-learning". On the first day, the workshop included how to access the virtual classes and how to prepare learning sessions for students, in...
  • Al – Kharj Community College conducts a workshop on (time priorities)
    Noura Dehim Aldosary. Business Administration (Secretary & Library) section has conducted a training workshop at Community College Thursday 10 / 7 / 1441 on (The priories of Time), Prepared and delivered by Dr. Sheraz M. Osman along with students, participation. Below are the most important areas or points covered: How to manage time and duties. How could students benefit from their time....


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