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Overview of the Financial and Administrative Department


Director of Administration


He is the person responsible for supervising the financial and administrative affairs in the College.

2- To whom he reports:

He directly reports to the dean of the College.

3- Duties of the Director of Administration:

  1. Supervising the implementation of regulations and the financial and administrative bylaws in the College.
  2. Observing the staff attendance in the college.
  3. Supervising and monitoring the execution of administrative affairs for the units affiliated with the Administration.   
  4. Supervising the development and betterment of the workflow in the Administration.
  5. Supervising the process of fast implementation of the College purchases of urgent items.
  6. Supervising the affairs pertaining to the demands of the contracted staff in the College like passports, Resident Card issuance, visa and travel orders.
  7. Supervising the facilities of the College by coordinating with the concerned authorities and setting the maintenance and follow-up and cleaning plans.
  8. Regulating the regular vacations of the College staff including administrators, technicians, employees and workers.
  9. Assigning any of the staff to contact the concerned bodies to maintain any malfunctions in the College and to monitor them.
  10. Supervising the distribution of the offices in the College and observing the procedure necessary for using the rooms for hosting academic seminars and the like.
  11. Supervising the registers of attendance of the College personnel from technicians to administrants.
  12. Monitoring, revamping and preparing the classrooms, and periodically supervising their  maintenance. 
  13. Preparing the annual and other reports on the affairs of the Administration and the affiliated units and sending them to the dean.
  14. Supervising the financial affairs and the items entrusted to the custody of employees.
  15. Implementing all the tasks required by the dean.

4-Powers of the director of Administration:

  1. Carrying out all correspondences with the administrative units in the University.
  2. Approving the purchasing orders and signing them in accordance with the applicable laws.
  3. Signing invoices.
  4. Permission to dispense stuff from the warehouse of the College.  
  5. Preserving and following up the records of the College belongings. 
  6. Approving the required sponsorship documents required for the travel of the contracted staff.
  7. Approving the identification certificates of the College staff other than the faculty members.
  8. Approving the minutes of delivery and receipt and the order of releasing material and the transfer of things in custody.
  9. Approving the vacations of the College staff including technicians, administrants, and researchers after the consent of their directors.   
  10.  Signing the disclaimer document for those leave the College.
  11.  Recommending those who can fit well with the best interest of the work to do overtime work.
  12.  Signing the medical reports of the College personnel and workers.
  13.  Approving the data needed for the consummation of the off-campus tasks for administrants, technicians, and researchers.
  14.  Approving the correspondences pertaining to the governmental bodies to complete the staff procedures in government agencies.
  15.  Laying the administrative penalties needed with regards to any misdemeanours that may be committed.
  16.  Nominating the personnel other than the faculty members to attend the training courses.
  17. Coordinating with the departments in the College and the University on administrative matters.
  18. Making the internal decisions necessary for the best practice of the workflow in terms of the regulations and bylaws.
  19. Assessing the performance of the Administration employees.
  20. Approving the payment from the budget and the custody entrusted to the administration in accordance with the governing laws.
  21.  Writing reports on the needs (financial, logistic, human resource) of the College.
  22.  Following up the maintenance work in the College.



5-Units under supervision of the Administrator:

- Unit of Administrative Affairs

This unit is responsible for organizing the administrative work in the College and follow up the work of the administrative staff and their commitment to the official time and documenting the commencement of work. The Unit is also in charge of sick leaves and other absenteeism excuses, and it is responsible for the maintenance of the College building and preparation of classroom.


- Unit of Financial Affairs

This Unit is responsible for overseeing all financial matters at the College. It follows up the College advances and its employees and payment, in addition to receiving and disbursing dues of members of the financial department.


- Unit of Administrative Correspondences

This unit is responsible for receiving the mail, transactions and circulars sent to the College, recording them and directing them to the various departments and units of the College, and sending out the transactions issued by the different departments and units to the outside parties.


- Warehouse

The warehouse is responsible for organizing the belongings of the College and its employees and the receipt and distribution of equipment and furniture to the units and staff of the College. It regulates the registration of the custodies on individuals as well as dropping them at the end of their term. The warehouse also carries out the waiver process at the end of an employee’s term. It also coordinates with the warehouses of the University in all related matters.


- Unit of Support Services

This Unit is concerned with the execution of such tasks as transactions amongst the main departments of the University and various governmental bodies such as passports, traffic matters and others. It is also in charge of transfer of goods and equipment to and from the College.


- PR Unit

The Public Relations Manager is the person who specializes in defining the activities of the College in the media, publishing its news in the various forms of media, organizing the reception of delegations that visit the College, and following up the requirements of organizing the meetings and conferences within the College.


Duties of the PR Unit:

1. Develop a comprehensive plan for public information and public relations.

2. Organize the conferences, seminars and various scientific events.

3. Organize visits of delegations to the College.

4. Work on coordinating the college relations with the public inside and outside the University.

5. Cover the events, activities and programmes of the College in the press locally and internationally.

6. Supervise the PR team at the College.

7. Develop and strengthen PR programmes and College events.

8. Supervise the financial affairs of PR in accordance with the regulations and laws.

9. Communicate with different media.

10. carry out the tasks entrusted to the Unit by the Dean of the College.

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