Duties as Vice-Dean

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Duties as Vice-Dean

  1. Control and follow up teaching schedules and academic loads of teaching staff
  2. Supervise all registration-related tasks such as admission, addition or deletion of courses, withdrawal, deprivation, and termination procedures
  3. Follow up all the services offered by Students Affairs Department.
  4. Follow up all the issues related to the teaching and academic process
  5. Supervise, review, and develop all study plans in academic departments
  6. Supervise and develop the academic departments in the College
  7. Supply and update the educational equipment and learning sources
  8. Supervise all the services offered by Academic Guidance Unit
  9. Supervise and follow up all the duties to be done by Quality and Development Unit
  10. Supervise all the activities of Extracurricular Activities Unit 
  11. Supervise Alumni Unit in the College
  12. Supervise all various committees in the college
  13. Supervise and follow up the final examination schedules and final the examination process
  14. Tackle all students’ complaints and solve their academic problems
  15. Identify the College needs for teaching staff recruitment in coordination with academic departments
  16. Nominate teaching staff for workshops and training courses
  17. Supervise all the issues related to teaching staff members who get scholarships and study abroad
  18. Prepare the College  Annual Report



  • Final Exams Committee
  • Students Issues Committee
  • Joint International Cooperation Committee



  • Alumni Unit
  • Extracurricular Activities Unit 
  • Academic Guidance Unit
  • Quality and Development Unit
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